Magnesium sulfate

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Product Data:

Specification: thickness 3mm-12mm (length 2440mm * 1220mm)

Material: modified magnesia cement

Fireproof property: Level-A1 non-inflammability (GB8624)

Density: 0.82g/cm3(GB/T7019-1997)

Bending strength:17Mpa(JC688)

Water permeability: No water permeates the back of product (CNS13778).

Sound insulation: >42dB(GB/T7019-1997)

Safety: Absolutely asbestos, methanal and benzene free

Radioactivity: unlimited by range of application (GB6566-2001)

Thermal resistance: R=1.14m2k/w

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Product Details

Technical Features:

1.Fire proof and inflaming retarding: It is suggested by tests made by national authorities that Anfusheng inorganic fireproof board is a kind of Level-Al nonflammable material. We have obtained test reports for Anfusheng fireproof boards for each specification issued by authorities. Walls and steel structures made of this product offer fire endurance far above the national standard.

2.It features light weight, high strength, damp resistance and excellent sound insulation.

3. Environmentally-friendly: The product comprises magnesium oxide, magnesium sulfate, perlite, wood bits, glass fiber cloth, non-woven fabrics and curing enhancer, all of which are made of inorganic materials or plant fiber, thus making it an encouraging product supported by our country.

4. With good tenacity and elasticity, the product can be used for modeling, and can also be reprocessed by producing wood grain on it or decorating it with various veneers in order to increase the added value of the product.

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